Make your meal service a breeze with easy to read place cards! Sometimes place cards can be difficult, especially when you have never made them before.

Choosing elaborate designs or objects may be tempting but they can create more problems. Imagine making the meal indicator so cryptic that the caterer gives the wrong meal to the wrong guest or worse, under the warm banquet lighting, the shiny jewel you chose to represent chicken looks identical to the jewel you chose to represent beef! The goal: to let guests know where they are sitting and to let the caterer easily read what the guest’s meal selection is.

Follow our Perfect Place Card Tutorial:

  1) Card should be no smaller than a 2 x 3  piece of card stock when laid flat.

PC 1

       2) Make sure you choose a light color card stock (with no dark pattern) and a dark font.
PC 2
                              3) Place your guests name and table number in center of card.
PC 3
                                         4) Guest’s food selection should be easily identified
PC 4
                                                      5) Make sure the symbol you choose makes sense.
                                                               Pork dish = Picture of pig
                                                              Pork dish = Uppercase “P”
PC 5
 6) The symbol you choose should be the size of a dime and either in the top right hand corner
                                              or the bottom right hand corner of the card.                                               
PC 6