A recent Tweet by the Huffington Post got us thinking: How would you feel if your fiance were to ask you to split the cost of your engagement ring? Many brides think of their engagement ring as a gift while others see it as a shared investment. We know a bride that made her fiance sell his beloved motorcycle so that he could afford the ring she wanted.

Although, nowadays  it’s not uncommon for the couple to split the cost of the wedding themselves rather than the bride’s parents footing the bill. Maybe it’s too traditional but an engagement is a classic term of endearment and would seem less special if it was a shared cost as opposed to a gift. What are your thoughts?

Regardless, getting engaged is an exciting time in your life. No matter how you view the tradition of an engagement ring we want to share in that celebration with you. The Inn is a romantic and and elegant place to celebrate your engagement celebration or wedding. If you are planning your wedding please contact our events department at (612) 331-1800 ex. 3 or email us.