Feast of St. Nic at the Nic

The Holiday Season is filled with traditions, legends, and lore that form the foundation of celebrations around the globe.  One of the most beloved is Saint Nicolas, a third century Bishop whose kindness and gifts to children were so legendary they inspired a tradition of gift-giving and goodwill that has lasted for nearly two thousand years.

This season, as part of our Holiday Celebrations at the Inn, we will be featuring a Feast of St Nic to pick up and enjoy at home!  Pick any day from Dec 10 thru Dec 13 and click below to order your 4-course dinner for only $49 per guest!  

Celebrations are what we make them, so wherever you are celebrating your holiday season this year be sure to make it a good one!


Click below for a printable version of this year’s St. Nic’s menu!